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    The right technologies and skills to customize your network. From networks to systems, to the software or proprietary hardware, we can make it happen for you.

    Our team of professional  are here to provide you confidence when you need it the most.
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    A team behind all your needs to keep your business always running and  always efficient. Reach out to us about our Support and what we can do for your business.

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4 years in business and
16+ years of professional experience

We are a team of technically inclined and adaptable individuals with experience in a variety of fields from IT, Cyber Security, Structured Cabling, Audio/Visual, and Technical Support.

Leo Vang - The owner and operator of InitialOne LLC with 8 years of Systems Engineering and 8+ years in Cyber Security Defense. Experience working in large enterprise Companies and Government entities designing, building and management. The entrepreneurial visionary behind the company.

Jason Hurr - 7+ years in Structured Cabling and Audio/Visual. Experience in the telecommunications industry. The key to providing solutions that fit the clients budget and needs.

Jade Yang - 12+ years in Customer Service, Administrative Support, and Account Management. The Marketing and Account management liaison providing the back-end logistics to the business.

Leon Vang - 2+ years in Technical Support providing hardware, software and user-end support. The light keeper, our clients life line in case they run into any technical issues.


Each service branches off into many types of requirements and needs. The services expand into a variety of projects for our clientele.

From planning to designing and building to completing each project. We gather the requirements accordingly to the clients budget and provide a catered service to meet their needs.

We believe each clientele knows their specific needs and so we work to customize a project to assure it meets their expectations.

Start to Finish:

Structured Cabling -> Termination of Cables

Termination of Cables -> Network Equipment Installation Computer and proprietary Equipment Installation

Audio/Visual Installation and Customization

Technical Support = Upkeep and Maintenance = Efficiency

IT & Cyber Security Services

Structured Cabling 


Design & Build

Technical Support

Our Latest Work

Please look at the work we've done for some of our Clients and inquire for your next project and or needs.

Structured Cabling
Structured Cabling

Get in Touch with Us

You can contact me via one of the following options.

6313 Elvas Ave

Sacramento, CA. 95819

Email : sales@initialone.net

Phone : 916.226.1911

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